Business Introductory Services

For the purposes of creating bilateral business opportunities to grow your business

Independently and through partnerships I provide globally focused business introduction services to companies, project promoters, entrepreneurs and development companies.

Business introductions are tailored to match; opportunities that we identify through active engagement with our clients. Introductions are designed to be implementable and to fit what each respective business requires or can benefit from.

Our services are offered through a network of clients and contacts that have been; serviced, satisfied, developed and built over the last 33 years.

We offer a wide range of introductory services our focus areas are:

  • To get the attention of our direct network by introducing your respective services to each other, we like to refer to this as simply joining the dots. By example you may have a large customer base that you wish to expose new products too in order to diversify your income streams, we identify this opportunity and introduce a like-minded new product provider.
  • We structure and facilitate the introductions to ensure that they get off the ground and deliver. In essence we are the glue that binds the deals.
  • We identify what’s uniquely interesting about your business and introduce those uniqueness’s to our network for the purposes of concluding mutually beneficial business.
  • Our business introduction services seek to build multidimensional connections and to establish early on what will cement a positive relationship between the parties.
  • We clearly identify the commonality between the parties (business and personal values) which facilitates deal making.

The purpose of or business introductions are multifaceted the outcomes include;

  • Increased sales – new: sales, markets, products, territories and customers
  • Introduction to a fresh set of customers
  • Introduction of new products and services
  • Possible acquisition
  • Possible disposal or exit plan
  • Possible investor opportunities
  • Meeting interesting people that intern grow your business network