Insurance Data Warehouse (IDW)

A unique business intelligence solution that caters for the “unique” Short Term Insurance industry in South Africa.

IDW is an end to end solution that is flexible, robust and intuitive, providing in-depth information about underwriting, claims and reinsurance not previously seen in insurance industry software solutions

If your policy or claims information resides in an external system administered by partners (be they Brokers, UMAs or Admin Houses) or if you would like the ability to more easily analyze and report on the information in your Insurance Management System (IMS) then IDW is the solution for you.

The data warehouse is populated by detailed policy and claims information at a risk item level, including policy holder contact information, risk item details (including rating information), location and limits, premium, commission, claim payment, claim recovery and reinsurance transactions.

IDW, a well-positioned Business Intelligence solution to solve any binder regulation or SAM requirement you may have, offering you a time relevant view using; dashboards and reports, of your business unlike you’ve ever experienced before.

IDW Schematic